Investing in Technology to Drive E&S Growth

Investing in Technology to Drive E&S Growth

My K2B has created a culture of continuous improvement and investment in technology to simplify and streamline the E&S market for our retail agents.

The E&S market involves many different processes and systems; so we have created proprietary technology to help improve your efficiency and ability to find superior coverage for hard to place risks. We provide our retail agents with access to great insurance products, underwriting expertise and unmatched service.

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Moving Mountains for our Agency Partners

Get appointed today to see how our cutting edge technology can provide optimal service and solutions for your retail agency.

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Doing Business with easy and profitable with My K2B

My K2B partners with the best and most diverse insurance providers in the country. Partnering with my K2B delivers results.

At My K2B we:

  • provide your agency with tools and resources to write more business

  • Continue all look for ways to promise and deliver more

  • Being transparent, professional, and timely

  • Exceeding expectations, regardless of account size and volume with K2B

  • Deliver what we promise

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Our Promise

Day in and day out we promise to:

  • Be transparent, professional, and timely

  • Deliver personalized and responsive service

  • Partner with experienced and motivated underwriters

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Delivering Results

We will deliver results for your most challenging risks. We deliver by:

  • Investing in the best brokers & underwriters

  • Securing appointments with the broadest market access

  • Creating proprietary technology to make it easier and more efficient to transact business

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Investing in innovation

We constantly strive for continuous improvement and excellence within our industry and our processes. We invest in tools and resources to:

  • Improve efficiencies and turn around time

  • Utilize on-line tools such as e-signature and e-pay

  • Digitize applications to submit to the broadest markets

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